portable solar panels for electricity

Portable Solar Panels For Electricity – Step by Step Installation Guide

There are a lot of benefits using a solar power system and many people have invested or are considering making moves to use solar power at home or on their campers and RVs.

Apart from the manufacturing process, solar power produces no waste or pollution and, once installed is virtually maintenance free.

As a long term investment, solar energy is cheap and, once the generated electricity has paid for the cost of the system, any energy that you produce is totally free.

Advantages of portable solar panels

Unlike a system that is installed on a rooftop or in a permanent manner, the key advantage of portable solar panel systems is just that – that they are portable.

You are not restricted to having solar power at home and if you camp, have an RV or a boat, or if you just need to take solar energy with you, then portable solar power systems provide you with that ability.

Even if you move house the portable solar option means that you can take the system with you and simply plug and play at your new destination.

How efficient are portable solar panels?

All solar panels, whether portable or as part of a permanent installation, lose power and will not convert 100% of sunlight into electricity.

The conversion process, losses in wires and rectification, and power losses due to heat and conversions in inverters, mean that solar, although free is not overly efficient.

Efficiency can be improved by using quality materials, such as panels, control units and inverters and , generally speaking, the more expensive components do provide more power and lose less. In the business of solar energy you really do get what you pay for.

This doesn’t mean that lower cost systems are not worth bothering with, and if you are on a budget then a low cost system is an ideal option, just remember that it may not be as efficient as the more expensive option.

Should I make my own portable solar power system?

This is a common question and is understandable given the amount of money that can be saved. From experience, however, I would not recommend this as a great choice.

Commercially produced solar panels are made in laboratory conditions and the processes and parts have been selected and perfected to get maximum power possible from the produced panels. You’ll really struggle to match the outputs of commercial panels and, if you do try to make your own, then it is likely that you will be disappointed with the results.

If you are more interested in the DIY aspect then go for it, however, if you want reliable power generation then I’d recommend that you buy commercially produced panels – they will work and they will last for a long time.

What are the components of a portable solar power system?

There are a few extras that you’ll need for your portable solar power system.

  • You’ll need your portable solar panels.
  • An inverter to convert your solar panel voltage to suitable electricity for your home or RV.
  • Cables to connect it all together.
  • In some cases, such as a camper, you’ll need batteries.
  • To regulate everything and keep things safe a charge controller is often connected.

These components are all widely available and one of the best ways to make sure that everything is compatible is to go for a complete kit such as these that we found over on Amazon.

Is a portable solar power system worth the money?

For a low cost you can begin generating your own electricity and, the key advantage of a portable solar power kit, is that you can take it around with you.

It really depends on your circumstances but if you:

Then the answer is YES, portable solar power kits are worth it and will help you to save money.

As with all things it truly depends on your needs but, even if you just set one up in your back yard and connect it to your home, you’ll be generating your own electricity which you won’t be paying the utility company for.

That’s got to be a good enough reason to get a portable solar power system.