Plug And Play Grid Tie Inverters

Plug And Play Grid Tie Inverters

Plug and play grid tie inverters enable you to take the energy generated by your solar panel, wind turbine or hydro electric system, and connect it directly to your mains supply.

By using one of the many plug and play grid tie inverters in your home with your solar panel system you can reduce the amount of electricity that you use from the utility company and lower your monthly bill.

Unlike an off-grid system, plug and play grid tie inverters allow you to directly use the electricity that you generate without having to install or purchase expensive batteries, once you have installed the solar panels and the grid tie inverter there is little or no maintenance required other than, perhaps, occasional cleaning of the actual solar panels.

If you are doing your own solar panel system installation then you can install one of these inverters easily and quickly, the solar panel outputs connect directly to in 12v DC side of the inverter. 

There are many DIY solar panel kits for home use available that come complete with solar panels, cables, controllers and, in some cases the grid tie inverter, but if you have a kit that does not include this or you are getting the system parts individually, then you will need to consider the type of grid tie inverter that you will use.

The only remaining task is the mount the inverter on a solid surface and connect the mains output to a mains socket – this is easily done via the lead that comes supplied with the grid tie inverter.

Grid tie inverters come in a range of shapes and sizes, varying in capacity and voltages, and prices.

Selecting the correct grid tie inverter for your installation is important and you need to know what to look for and where to look.

Here’s our guide to help you to find the best grid tie inverter for your needs.

Plug and Play Grid Tie Inverters Comparison Table

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Y&H 600W 30V/36V Grid Tie Inverter Stackable MPPT Pure Sine Wave DC22-60V to AC90-140V Output

y & h grid tie inverter

One of the best value plug and play grid tie inverters currently available. Sturdy and reliable with 600W output.

Input voltage from solar panels between 22 volts and 60 volts – so is good choice for 24 volt solar panels.

Frequently available for less than $100.

  • Grid Tie Inverter – DC input 22V-60V Compatible with 24V solar panel
  • Voltage Input Range: 24V – 48V.M
  • High Performance Solar Inverter grid-tie – High performance maximum power

ECO-WORTHY 1000W 1KW MPPT Solar Grid Tie Inverter Power Limiter DC 22 to 65V Solar Input AC 110V/240V Auto Switch PV System

grid tie inverter

Professional level grid tie inverter offering a number of premium features for less than $300. Low cost and easy installation. 

  • Low power consumption, over current protection, over temperature protection, reverse polarity protection, etc.
  • The screen can display daily power generation & total power generation, real-time waveform display of the power grid, real-time voltage & current of solar energy system, real-time power, internal temperature, date and time

Marsrock 2000W PV Grid Tie Inverter Power Limiter Wide Voltage 45-90VDC for Solar Panel Input AC185-265V (2000W48V230)

A compact and well made solar grid tie inverter that allows you to connect directly to your supply via the included cables with no further setup required.

Solid, easy to setup and install with good record for reliability.

iMeshbean 1000W 110V Grid Tie Inverter 22V ~ 50V DC Input for 24V / 36V Solar Panel Pure Sine Wave Inverter Stackable

The iMeshbean 1000w grid tie inverter provides up to 1Kw of power. A reliable inverter that comes in at a great price. Suitable for use with solar panels or wind turbines depending on your needs. 

Personally in use by me for over 3 years with no issues. Recommended.

Mophorn IP65 Waterproof 1200W Micro Grid Tie Solar Inverter 22-50VDC to 80-160VAC (110vac)

IP65 waterproof grid tie inverter. Can be installed underneath the solar panels or close to.

Suitable for outdoor use. Corrosion and cold resistant aluminium housing.

A highly efficient, stable and cost effective solar grid tie inverter.

NEP Solar Grid-tie Inverter, Micro Inverter, 110/120V Low Voltage Output, Takes upto 285W DC Solar Power, UL-1741 compliant, MicroInverter 25-Years Warranty

  • Designed to connect individual PV modules and perform DC to AC conversion
  • 22‐55V DC Solar Panel Input; For 24V Solar Panel or 2x 12V Solar Panels;
  • Very simple installation with built‐in cables and connectors NEMA‐6 enclosure rating for Outdoors and weather proof ;Integrated GFDI; 14 AWG integrated cables