Is Solar Power Worth It?

For many of us the question of ‘is solar power worth it?’ is a valid one. Electricity costs money, every gadget that we plug into the mains draws electric that we have to pay for. More and more people are thinking about using solar power and other methods of generating their own electricity.

The big question is however ‘ is solar power worth it?

Ultimately the answer is one of yes – for many and in general. More people are using solar than ever before and daily increases in solar power installations are increasing.

Environmentally we need to use solar power more. On an individual basis most people can save money by using solar power. The sun provides us with a free source of energy, all we have to do is access it. For most home and businesses using solar power would be a financially sound decision.

Solar Power Options

It is possible to save money with solar with a small investment. Think about the areas where you use electricity.

As well as the normal appliances within your home, TV, oven, freezer etc. You’ll also see that you probably have lights outside, lamps indoors and other, smaller electrical items.

You can install exterior, outdoor lamps, that are solar powered, they charge up during the day and then switch on automatically when it goes dark.

Some of these lamps have sensors that will only let the lamp switch on when someone walks past – outdoor security lights.

Normally these types of lights are hardwired into your mains, drawing power permanently and costing you extra in your monthly bill.

There are lots of options for getting savings from solar – you just need to be creative.

So, the question of is solar power worth it…well that’s really up to you and your approach.

Personally I use solar power whenever I am able to and, yes, I save money every month, in fact since installing a small solar array at home ( I did it myself with a solar panel kit and grid tie inverter) I’ve saved about $100 per month on my electricity bill.

So for me yes solar power is worth it.

There is also the benefit to the environment and mycontribution although small in the great scheme of things, if we all chose a solar option, even if only small, then the global benefit would be significant.

Full Scale Home Solar Systems

Everyone can make use of solar power, however full scale home solar setups are not necessarily within the reach of all.

Firstly the expense can be difficult to meet for many, although with the expanding range of solar panel kits that you can install yourself, this is becoming easier and cheaper.

Also the area where you live can have an impact.

Solar systems work in all types of climates, they simply need daylight to operate and generate electricity, but the stronger the sun, the better the results. That’s a simple given.

Alignment of the panels is important and to gain the best results they ideally need to be south facing, and not subject to shade.

So aspect may be difficult for some people.

So, is solar power worth it then?

I believe that it is. At the very least you should explore it further and consider where in your home you could introduce some solar powered devices.

Start off small with say a solar powered security light or maybe invest in a standalone solar panel to charge your cell phone and laptop.

You could buy a larger panel, stand it in a sunny place and connect it to a grid tie inverter which connects to your home electricity sockets – the power generated by the panel will feed into your home and you’ll be able to use your own solar generated electricity – it WILL save you some money.

It’s also really rewarding to know that you’ve generated your own electricity and that you’re using it.

Give it a go.

You’ll see that solar power is worth it.

Solar Power Is Worth It For A Ridiculous Number Of People