how to solar power your house

How To Solar Power Your House

Are you looking to get clean, renewable, low cost energy to power your house. If you are looking at how to solar power your house then the reality is that this is easier to do than you might originally think.

If you have concerns about the ways in which your electricity is produced, concerns about the environment or just simply wish to save some money on your monthly utiltiy bills then you are probably open to learning how to solar power your house.

The standard route for most people that are looking at solar power for their home is to explore and get quotes from commercial solar system providers and, for a lot of these people, they are put off by high prices and, in some cases, the reputation of solar providers, many of whom, in some countries have made false promises about the costs and returns associated with home based solar systems in their efforts to secure sales.

The positive is that you can obtain all of the component parts of a solar panel system, put them all together and install them yourself.

This DIY approach to the installation of a home solar power system is a lot less complicated than you might think and it will save you thousands over the quotes that you receive from a commercial provider.

Your home solar power system does not have to cost a fortune if you are prepared to do obtain the parts yourself and undertake some basic DIY.

As a starting point you will need to understand a few things about solar power systems:

  • You’ll have to get some solar panels for your project.  can build the panels yourself from solar cells, however, having tried this I can tell you that making a solar panel from solar cells is really difficult and, even if you can get the individual cells for a good price you won’t be able to match the quality of a properly manufactured solar panel. Thankfully solar panels can be obtained at very good prices averaging about $1 per watt. 
  • You can find the latest prices on a range of solar panels here.
  • To get the most from your solar power system you’ll also need: a power inverter which will allow you to convert the 12v electricity from the panels into the mains voltage that you use in your house. You also have the option to add batteries to your solar power system which will store the electricity for use later for example when its cloudy or at night. 
  • Decide whether you need “grid-tied” or “off the grid”. a grid tied system means that your solar panels are connected to the mains electricity supply in your house through a special inverter.  Off grid he only option available to some homeowners, if their house is remote then it may not have mains electricity available. You may also make a decision to go off grid which can have a real feeling of independence and achievement.
  • The best initial route for most people: is to connect your solar panels into your household electricity supply via a grid tie inverter.  This will allow you to get the maximum benefit and return from your panels as you will use your solar generated electricity in your home before you use electricity from the grid – simply put you’ll save money. You’ll still get a bill very month from your utility company but it will be lower than the amount you’re paying right now. 
  • You can install your solar panels in a variety of ways: most common is on the roof of your house but, you can also put them on your shed, garage or other outbuilding. Just choose the area that receives the most sunlight during the day, consider the year as well and the position of the sun in winter as well as summer for the best results.

This give an insight into how to solar power your house. Take a look at our other posts for details on solar panels, inverters and other components for more detailed background. 

how to solar power your house

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