How To Heat Your Home With Solar Power

How To Heat Your Home With Solar Power

Making the decision to heat your home with solar power is a good, long term cost saving decision for many home owners

It is important, as with other renewable energy sources, however, to have a long term view of solar heating as the initial installation costs can be significant and, unlike other solar projects, the installation of home solar heating can be espitetricky, particularly in heating systems that use water.

Despite the high initial costs, however, heating houses is expensive and a solar heating system will work out cheaper over a long period of time.

The selection of home solar heating requires some consideration as systems differ.

With water based solar heating there are two key aspects to think about:

  • Water purity locally and how cold the weather becomes will determine how effective your solar heating will be.
  • The amount of money that you will save over the lifetime of the system will be affected by a number of things which include:
  • How much water your household uses.
  • How efficient your water heating systems are.
  • The level of solar radiation that your home receives, in other words does your home get a lot of sunlight? The more sunlight the better the results of solar heating.

An effective solar heating installation will save, on average, most homes between 50 to 80% of their current household water heating costs – your savings will come from using sunlight to heat water instead of electricity, gas or oil.

As your water is being heated from the sun your use of your existing utilities will decrease significantly.

Solar power can be more affordable than you thought

One of the main barriers to people adopting solar powered heating is the thought that it will be too expensive to buy and install.

In the past solar heating was costly and the benefits were difficult to quantify, technologies were fledgling and maybe not too great.

In recent years systems have developed and improved both in terms of technology and benefits and in areas of cost.

What DIY home solar heating systems are available?

If you are looking at DIY options for home solar heating then there are a range of products available that can be used for home solar heat.

Many of these systems double up as solar heating systems for swimming pools and they can be used for home heating as well as swimming pools.

The systems heat water which can be used for any purpose, not just swimming pools. Fitted into a home water system these solar heaters will supplement the home hot water supply, saving money and reducing emissions.

What can I save?

The key reason that people install solar heating ( or any renewable technology ) is really to save money on their bills.

The monthly savings can be significant and over time will add up until the cost of the heater has been recovered. The savings will continue while the heater is in service. The longer you have and use the heater, the more you will save.

The amount of water that your home uses will determine how much but, in general terms, the greater the water use, the more money you will save.

Solar Water Heater Parts

To use a solar heater you’ll need some accessories and equipment to get it all working:

  • The solar collector or panels.
  • A pump which can be solar powered.
  • A heat exchanger – this transfers heat from the fluid in the panels to the water that you want to heat up.
  • A tank to store the water in.