Unplug From The Grid

electrical gridEnergy production can be expensive, dirty and difficult. The production of carbon emissions, dirty wastes and dangerous remains such as nuclear along with other pollutants can create problems for the environment along with health problems for people and wildlife.
A large amount of existing energy supplies are in limited amount this is true of many fuels that are used such as coal, oil and gas all of which dominate energy production across the globe. As supplies reduce, demand increases leading to higher costs, political problems and disagreements.
As a user of energy you may not be ready or indeed in a position to go totally energy independent, and, unplugging yourself from the grid is not so simple, but you may want to do your bit, be responsible and reduce the amount of energy that you demand from third parties and become less dependent upon utility companies, and this will help you to save money.

DIY Solar System

Of all the energy sources that are used today, solar power is, by far, the most exciting and offers the greatest potential form long term solutions for world energy production.
Solar power works well for large and small scale energy production and it is possible for you to start using solar power straightaway.
You can start with some of our small scale solar projects that you can do yourself at home, and you can scale up, becoming bigger, better and more independent with your power needs.

The Sun

suns rays on solar panelsEvery day, without fail, over 30,000 times the total amount of energy that humans use, falls onto the surface of the earth from the sun. It’s a massive amount. In a single hour the amount of energy from the sun that hits the earth is more than enough to power the entire planet for A YEAR !
Each hour 43 quintillion joules of energy from the sun hits the earth – that’s 430 with 18 zeros after it. In short – its a lot!
If humans were able to harvest and use just a small amount of that power then society would be setup for as long as the sun keeps working.
Solar systems are developing to capture this energy and, its not always a simple process, but, as with all things, most problems can be worked out. Going solar can be worth the effort.

Why Solar is the best option

Solar power has, in the past, been more expensive than other energy sources, however, as technology develops and governments become more open and aware, costs are reducing quickly due to demand, awareness and the general desire to use cleaner energy systems and save money.
Solar energy can help you in three ways:

  • Savings on your utility bills
  • Increased value of your home
  • Sustainability – if and when energy prices increase you’ll be resistant to many of the rises because your energy will be coming from a local source that’s not committed to the utility companies. You’ll be independent. This, above all the others, seems to be the most important driving factor for many home solar power owners.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Most energy sources are burned to generate heat which is then used to heat water to drive steam turbines, which in turn turn generators to produce electricity.
Coal is the most used fuel and, the worst polluter, not only in terms of smoke and all that smoke contains, but also the coal wastes, slurry, ash and more.
Energy production in the USA is reliant on coal, with over 50% of electrical power being generated in this way. Coal cannot be used cleanly, even ‘clean burning’ coal fired plants are dirty – they are just cleaner than the old ones. The key reasons for coal use. however, is that it gives off lots of heat and has been widely available for decades.

Solar Energy Carbon Footprint

Other than the energy required to manufacture a solar panel, a solar panel has no carbon footprint. For every kilowatt hour of energy that you produce by using a solar panel, you’ll save that much from other sources – which is most likely to be the mains power grid.
The only other sources of energy production that can offer this are wind power and hydro power but the biggest issue with both of these is the access to suitable sites, space and resources. We do not all have access to a stream or river for hydropower, and, often our homes are not located in areas suitable for the erection of a wind turbine.
Whenever you generate electricity from your own solar panels you don’t need electricity from the mains.

If you generate 1kWh of electricity from your own solar installation then that’s your electricity – you don’t pay for it, you’ve generated it and saved the cost of buying it from the electricity company, and, contrary to popular belief, it is possible and relatively easy to install your own solar system for home, work, shed, yard use.

Installing your own solar powered system yourself will not only save you money on your bills but you’ll also save money on installation costs too.

An unlimited supply

On a clear sunny day, 1 kWh of solar energy falls onto a square meter (about 9 sq feet) surface, every hour.  During a sunny day you can capture around 6 kWh of total energy from this surface area.
That’s 180 kWh every month. A significant amount of power that would seriously impact your electricity bill.

Five Great Solar Ideas To Get You Started

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