DIY Solar Panel Kit For Home Use

DIY Solar Panel Kits For Home Use

renogy diy solar panel kit for home use

When you are looking to install solar why not consider one of the many DIY solar panel kits for home use?

These kits are becoming more common and more affordable and, with a litle bit of patience, planning and some dry weather, they are easy to install and connect.

As well as the money saving aspect ( both in terms of energy savings and installtion costs) you’ll also get great satisfaction from undertaking the project, your neighbors and friends will admire it too.

Most DIY solar kits come complete with everything that you need to undertake a full install. 

The only item that may not be included is likely to be the inverter and this is simply due to the different types of usage that these DIY solar kits can be put to.

These types of solar installation kits are suitable for both grid tied and off grid systems – these two systems use different types of inverters and, in the case of an off grid system it is possible that an inverter is not needed.

Basically – if you are looking to connect your solar panel system to your mains and use the power within your home via your existing wiring then you will need to buy a grid tie inverter to go with your DIY solar kit.

If you are completely off grid with no mains power and you want to power mains voltage appliances then you’ll need to get a cheaper, standard inverter to do the job.

See our article on Plug and Play Grid Tie Inverters here

We’ve done a lot of the hard work for you by taking a look at some of the DIY solar panel kits for home use, and review them here.

All you need to do is decide which one and then get the screwdrivers out.

It’s easier to do than you might think.

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