diy home solar water heater

DIY Home Solar Water Heater

An easy DIY Home Solar Water Heater.

We’re always on the look out for simple, fun solar projects and this is one, that, with a little imagination could be put to good use.

Perhaps you could make a garden shower, or use the heat to keep a greenhouse warm. Or, if you’re really up for it you could plumb this type of system into your house?

If you are off grid then this could be a great way to supplement your hot water supplies.

A solar water heater heats up the water from the sun’s radiation giving you the option to then use this hot water in your home.

The basic method of heating water with the sun consists of a series of pipes that are contained within a darkened glass fronted frame. Water flows through the pipes into an insulated tank in a continuous loop until the water is hot enough for use.

The frame is placed in a sunny spot to maximise the level of collected sun and heat.

There are a number of ways to make your own solar powered water heater, they all use the same principles of catching sunlight to warm the fluid.

Let’s take a look at one option for a DIY home solar heater project.

You’ll need to get or make a frame, size is up to you, but it will need to be about 2 inches deep.

The back of the frame should be made from some metal sheeting, corrugated sheeting is fine and this should be painted matt black.

You will need some high temperature water tubing (PEX plastic or similar) it needs to be flexible as you’ll be bending it around. This tubing should be black or you should be able to paint it matt black.

Now, taking the tubing you need to place it in the frame, against the metal backing, winding it backwards and forwards in an ‘S’ shape. Try to get the ends of the tubing at the same end of the frame ( ie at the top or bottom). Make two holes in the frame so that both ends of the tubing stick through the holes.

diy home solar water heater

You should then use a piece of transparent acrylic sheeting to go over the front of the frame, this creates an air space in the frame and allows daylight to enter.

If you are looking to use this as a heater then you can connect a car radiator to the two ends of the pipe. By placing the frame on an outside wall in the sun and plumbing the pipes through the wall, you can position the radiator indoors. If the radiator has a fan then you can connect a 12v solar panel to the fan wiring via a switch. The fan can then be turned on to blow warm air into your building.

Clearly you might not want to do this on your mansion, but it might be an option for your shed – it gives you an idea of how you could use it..

Super Simple DIY Home Solar Water Heater