Solar Energy Uses

Discover The Uses For Solar Energy

You can use solar energy in many ways, each with different costs and levels of difficulty.

Our DIY Solar Projects section covers several small and larger scale DIY solar projects that will help you to get going with your own, home produced solar power.

For now let’s look at some ways you can use solar energy at home to save money.

  • Generate electricity for general use – You can install a solar panel system that allows you to reduce your electric bills potentially to zero. This is one of the most popular solar applications around today, and the growth in home solar systems is phenomenal. 
  • Cooking – By using the sun and some cooking exploration, with some easy to make ovens and heaters, solar power can help you to be creative in the kitchen, save money and impress your guests.
  • Use Passive space heating – The sun can heat your house by effective use of blinds, curtains, sunrooms, windows and the like.
  • Heat water – You can use the sun’s energy to heat your home water supply or use sun heated water to heat your home by pumping it through the heating system and radiators. In some cases the water will move around by itself and you won’t need to use pumps or otherwise.
  • Light Up your outside areas – You can use solar powered lights to light up your gardens, yards and other outdoor areas, removing the need for expensive to install mains electric lighting. With modern advances these solar powered lights can work better than the traditional mains powered ones and, with advances in solar LEDs, the light levels can be substantial. Solar lighting is the most accessible solar technology and one of the easiest and fastest ways to start your solar powered journey.
  • Provide indoor lighting – Although less common than outdoors, it is possible to make use of indoor solar lights. The use of LEDs in these systems that use little in terms of power has resulted in some great developments of effective indoor solar lighting systems. You can light up your porch and even rooms in your house with small, off grid, solar cell systems that are connected to small, rechargeable batteries. During the day the battery is charged by the solar cell meaning that you have power for when you need it – when it goes dark.
  • Camping – You can completely power your campsite, whether a tent, RV or other with solar camping gear.
  • Remote Buildings – Its possible that you may have buildings that have little or no mains power and by introducing some self install solar panels and other diy solar projects, you can power up your building for a variety of purposes.