how to fit solar panel to motorhome

How To Fit Solar Panel To Motorhome

How to fit solar panel to motorhome? Fitting a solar panel to a motorhome is quite a straightforward job. With a little bit of DIY knowledge and a few tools and components the job is well within the ability of the average DIY er. If you are looking for the best option that will save […]

DIY Solar Panel Kit For Home Use

DIY Solar Panel Kits For Home Use

When you are looking to install solar why not consider one of the many DIY solar panel kits for home use? These kits are becoming more common and more affordable and, with a litle bit of patience, planning and some dry weather, they are easy to install and connect. As well as the money saving […]

Plug And Play Grid Tie Inverters

Plug and play grid tie inverters enable you to take the energy generated by your solar panel, wind turbine or hydro electric system, and connect it directly to your mains supply. By using one of the many plug and play grid tie inverters in your home with your solar panel system you can reduce the […]

grid tie inverter

Grid Tie Inverters

Grid Tie Inverters are the next biggest cost after solar panels. Grid tie inverters take the low voltage electricity that is produced by the panels and convert it into mains voltage electricity (120 volts or 240 volts) that can be used in your home to power appliances and other mains gadgets. This electricity is fully […]

Solar Fountain

Make a Solar Fountain

The ways that you can create a solar fountain are really varied and you can really apply some creativity to the process. You can make a solar fountain from a variety of items, some of which may have been destined for the dustbin. Building a solar fountain If you are looking to build a solar […]