outdoor garden lighting

Outdoor Garden Lighting – Issues to Consider

There are plenty of benefits for homeowners who decide to install outdoor garden lighting. Home beautification during evening and night time hours along with another layer of safety and security helps families and visitors navigate throughout the yard after the sunsets while giving potential intruders a reason to stay away. When you decide that outside […]

solar heating for swimming pools diy

Solar Heating For Swimming Pools DIY

If you regularly find that the temperature of the water in your swimming pool is too low and that the water feels cold then there’s every chance that you’re not enjoying using it and that you, your family and your guests are not getting the best use from the pool. Unless you are an ultra […]

installing solar panels for home use

Installing Solar Panels For Home Use

Technology constantly evolves in terms of ability, function, ease of use, accessibility and of course cost. Solar energy is no stranger to these developments and the capability to get off the grid or become more energy independent has never been greater and easier. The picture that some of us get when we think of a […]

best battery for solar panels

What is the best battery for solar panels?

Solar power systems offer some real cost savings when used instead of or to supplement your existing energy supply. However they only work in daylight. More and more solar users are looking at solutions to help them to store the energy that their solar panels generate so that this electricity can be used later. The […]

how to make a solar oven

How to make a solar oven

Although widely used in parts of Africa, Asia and South America solar ovens are less favoured in the more developed world which tends to be reliant upon energy from sources such as gas, oil and coal. A solar oven uses the energy of the sun to cook food – this can be baked, roasted or […]

best solar panels for a boat

Best solar panels for a boat

Solar panels can be a great addition to a boat and there are a number of reasons why you might consider doing this. Modern solar panels are a lot more affordable and accessible than ever before and with improvements in technology and efficiency they present some real positives for boat owners. Modern PV panels can […]

diy home solar water heater

DIY Home Solar Water Heater

An easy DIY Home Solar Water Heater. We’re always on the look out for simple, fun solar projects and this is one, that, with a little imagination could be put to good use. Perhaps you could make a garden shower, or use the heat to keep a greenhouse warm. Or, if you’re really up for […]

best portable solar panel for caravan

Best Portable Solar Panel For Caravan

Caravanning – for those of us  that know it is great fun. Road trip, travel, seeing the country, the world even. When we are travelling with a caravan we have a few ways and options for electricity use and generation.  For most caravan users the favorite and most common choice is to use a gasoline […]

Best Solar Powered Motion Security Light

Finding the best solar powered motion security light for your home or business is important if you are looking to enhance your security and protect your premises. Passive deterents such as alarms and security lights are often some of the best ways to scare away potential thieves and other miscreants and use of these types […]