save money with a solar pool heater

Save Money with a Solar Pool Heater & Cover

Heat your pool with a Solar Pool Heater and save the heat with a Solar Pool Cover. Solar pool heating systems are very simple in terms of engineering and application. The basic principle being: run enough water through enough black stuff on the roof and the pool gets warm. Most pool heating systems include a: […]

are solar powered garden lights any good

Are solar powered garden lights any good?

If you are looking at exploring energy saving options and ideas for your home then you may already have looked at things such as: Installing a Smart Thermostat to control your heating and hot water Changing your old appliances for Energy Star, more efficient items Changing your old light bulbs for modern, energy saving LED […]

electrical grid

What does it mean to live off the grid?

There is a lot of talk about people who ‘live off the grid’ or who want to. But, what do they mean? What does it mean to live off the grid? When people talk about living off grid they are referring to a process where you become independent of the utility companies. In short you […]

Do solar panels work when its cloudy

If asked the question, Do solar panels work when it’s cloudy? Yes. they do work when the sun is covered with cloud and the average person would no doubt guess that. So how can they when there’s no sunshine for them to work with? Actually, that answer is partially true, in that solar panels aren’t […]

home solar energy

Home Solar Energy – The 7 Components of Home Solar

When starting a new home DIY solar energy project, one of the many question asked by a beginner is: What component parts will I need to complete my home solar energy project? Before you start connecting together the individual component parts on your roof, it helps to get a good quality solar guide that will […]

solar power for camper

RV Solar Panels – How To Get Started

RV Solar panels are still a new concept to many RVers. Many believe that solar power systems are not practical or that the systems are too complex and expensive. There are a number of ways to put solar power on your RV and, with the use of an easy to use RV solar panel kit, […]

solar energy at home

Solar Energy at Home – Saving Money and Energy

With rising utility costs and concerns over the use of some fuels more people are becoming aware of using solar energy at home. With LED bulbs, sealing gaps to stop draughts and the installation of modern appliance, homeowners are looking for more ways to save money and using solar energy at home is one route […]