Best Solar Powered Motion Security Light

Finding the best solar powered motion security light for your home or business is important if you are looking to enhance your security and protect your premises.

Passive deterents such as alarms and security lights are often some of the best ways to scare away potential thieves and other miscreants and use of these types of devices should be high on the list for anyone looking to improve safety and security.

Solar security lights offer several benefits over their more commonly used mains electric or battery powered rivals and, with increased developments in solar lighting technology, reliability and costs, a solar powered motion security light should be a consideration.

It is worth taking a look at some of the benefits of solar security lights before we go onto look at a few lights and explore some devices to find the best solar powered motion security light.

Some of the key benefits of a motion sensor solar light:

They use solar power

Frequently the use of outdoor security lights means connection to mains electricity. For some people this can be tricky and costly, installation of cables, connection to fuse boxes, using an electrician, finding the time to do the work if doing it yourself – sometimes things can get prohibitive.

If you are looking at mains powered security lights then you’ll need to think about all of the above ( and possibly more ).

The other aspect about mains powered lights – they only work if there is power – if the grid goes down, or if the connecting wire is disabled, then the lights stop working, negating their effectiveness.

There is, of course, the option of battery power, this prevents any issues with mains electricity not working and removes cables, but, batteries only last for a certain length of time before they need to be changed. 

Depending on the location of the light this may be tricky and, of course, there’s the repeated cost of batteries.

Solar powered lights are not faced with any of the issues experienced by mains or battery powered security lights.

Operating on solar power the lights have their own solar panel that, during daylight hours, charges an internal rechargeable battery. Generating it’s own power the light is totally independent of any external power sources, does not need battery changes and requires no cables.

There is also the cost aspect – once purchased and installed a solar powered security lighting incurs no ongoing or additional costs. There are no electricity costs and no costs for batteries.

The same goes for installation of a solar powered light. They are easy to install and well within the ability of even the most basic skilled DIY er.

You’ll save money on electricity and on the cost of installation too.

Smart motion-sensor operation

Many security lights are designed to come on when it gets dark and stay on until daylight hours.

These lights provide light constantly but, if powered by mains, can be expensive to operate, also, due to constant illumination, the bulbs get hot and this can reduce their lifetime.

The more cost effective and energy efficient way to security lighting is via the use of motion sensors. Often these operate via infra-red sensors which switch the light on when movement is detected within their detectable range.

This type of system is really useful in deterring intruders – they don’t know that a light is there until they get within range when the light switches on automatically – the surprise of this is often enough to send them packing.

The other advantage is that the same light provides welcoming illumination for you and your guests when approaching your home.

Clearly this type of motion sensing security light is available as mains powered, battery powered and solar powered.

We’ve looked at the features of this type of motion security light and also the advantages of solar power over mains and batteries.

Let’s take a look at some example lights and find the best solar powered motion security light.

In a rush?

If you don’t have a lot of time use the links below to quickly find the best solar powered motion security light on Amazon.

Most Powerful – Westinghouse Solar Lights 

Best LED Solar Security Light – Home Zone Security Solar Motion Sensor Light

Best Selling – Aootek 92 Led Solar outdoor motion sensor lights

The Comparison Table

Best Motion Powered Solar Security Light

Westinghouse Solar Lights Outdoor
Brighter Solar Powered Motion Security Light.
Large coverage area with long lasting charge.
Fully weather resistant

Home Zone Security Solar Motion Sensor Light

Solar powered LED light with 180 degree coverage and full motion detection.

Fully adjustable settings and fully weatherproof

Aootek 120 Led Solar outdoor motion sensor lights

3 Adjustable Modes

Large Detection Area

Ultra Bright LEDs

Aootek 92 Led Solar outdoor motion sensor lights

3 modes that can be adjusted.

Ultra bright LEDs and uprated solar panel for best performance.

PIR sensor with wide range

Solar Lights Outdoor, AmeriTop Super Bright LED Solar Motion

Bright LED lights

Wide angle PIR sensor

Easy to install

Solar Lights Outdoor, AmeriTop 800LM Wireless LED

Brighter LED lights

Upgraded PIR sensor and solar panel

Portable and easily relocated. Easy Installation.

LITOM Motion Sensor Lights, upgraded Solar Panel 

Brighter LED and enhanced PIR for wide angle coverage

Portable and easy to re-locate and install