are solar powered garden lights any good

Are solar powered garden lights any good?

If you are looking at exploring energy saving options and ideas for your home then you may already have looked at things such as:

Any change that you make to improve energy use will help you to save money and become more energy efficient.

To make the most impact and the most savings you should look further afield and look outside your home as well as inside.

By taking this approach you will see your entire property as being one single energy consuming unit and this will help you to maximise your savings and energy usage.

The lights and lamps in your garden are big users of electricity and they are often overlooked by people looking to save energy. As they are out of sight they are often out of mind too and easy to forget and miss when considering options for energy reduction.

Solar powered garden lights have changed a lot in recent years and have moved on from the cheap, push into the ground, plastic devices that would work until the first rain or storm.

There are hundreds of new designs and features with many solar powered garden lights being multi colored, with replica flames, full sized lamp posts and lots more.

We’ve found some great selections over on Amazon and you can see some of the range of modern solar garden lights that are available here.

Should I be interested in solar powered garden lights?

If you are serious about saving money on your electricity usage then yes, you should be interested. If you have just one or two outdoor lamps in your garden that are powered by your household electricity supply the you are wasting money every month, just to keep your garden lit at night.

Considering that utility companies are constantly increasing their charges, just one or two lamps will eat into your annual budget. Given that most people have a lot more than 2 lamps, the amount of money that you could save by moving to solar powered garden lights could be considerable.

There is really no reason why you should not consider making the switch. Unless, of course you are quite happy paying to keep your garden lit at night.

With the cost of some solar garden lamps coming in at just over $30 it’ll take only a few short months to recover the cost of changing out your mains powered lamp posts to a solar alternative.

After this breakeven point all of your lighting needs are 100% free.

You can even look at it from another perspective. Every time your utility provider raises their electricity rates, you are saving even more money, which makes the choice of moving to solar energy even more attractive.

Environmental benefits of solar powered garden lights

There are many environmental benefits to changing over to solar powered garden lights:

  • The average garden light is lit for 10 to 12 hours a day
  • If you have a normal, electric light bulb connected to the mains supply left on for that amount of time it will generate almost 200 pounds of Carbon Dioxide annually
  • You can change over to energy efficient light bulbs which will help to reduce pollution, but even these bulbs generate pollution due to being mains powered

Solar powered lights do not pollute. Once the manufacturing process has been completed and the lights are installed, they cause no pollution as they rely on the infinite supply of daylight and sunshine, clean and renewable power.

More benefits of solar powered garden lamps

There are other benefits of using solar powered garden lamps:

  • Solar powered lamps are very easy to install. There is no wiring and they do not need to be fitted by a qualified electrician. Most are simply place and play and you can have them installed and working within minutes.
  • If you use conventional outdoor lamps then you are restricted to where electrical wiring can be installed and it’s reach. With solar powered lamps this is not a concern. You can install them exactly in line with your preferences as long as they can get reasonable amounts of daylight.
  • A solar lamp needs little attention or maintenance. They can last for decades without any problems.
  • If you have a power outage then your solar lamps will continue to work.

Tips for successful installation of solar powered garden lamps

Solar garden lights require very little attention and they are easy to install, but, with a few extra tips you can really make sure that you get the best from your solar garden lamps and lanterns.

  • The amount of sunlight that your solar lamps receive will affect the light output. Try to install your lamos where they will get at least four hours of direct sunlight every day.
  • If you are in the northern hemisphere then aim your lamps south and, if you are in the southern hemisphere then they should face north. This will help to ensure that your lights get enough sunshine.
  • Place your solar lamps away from the house or other areas where there is artificial light at night so that they work properly.
  • Once you have installed your lamps, leave them switched off for 48 hours which will give the battery enough time to charge.
  • To maintain good performance, check and wipe over the solar panel with a damp cloth to remove dirt, dust and the inevitable bird droppings.
  • If you decide to remove the lamp for storage, say over winter, then take the battery out to preserve their quality.


Solar powered garden lights are a great option for those that are looking to reduce expense on electricity usage and also for those seeking to minimise their impact on the environment.

There are many different options, styles and sizes of solar lights and, as technologies improve and develop, the ability and quality of solar lamps is steadily becoming higher making this type of green energy a great cost saving solution.